The year is 1917. The US has just entered World War I.

Unprepared for major combat, the government quickly rallies the peace time army, and creates a network of several dozen training cantonments to ready the troops.

Camp Sherman is born, swelling the population of tiny Chillicothe, Ohio, by over 300% in just three months, forever changing the face of the small town.

After the war, the camp is all but abandoned, and the buildings fade away. But its deep mark remains in the history of the town and its people, and in the heroic actions of the men and women who served the country in the Great War.

Camp Sherman Days, July 1-9, 2017

Join the city of Chillicothe, Ohio as we commemorate the centennial anniversary of historic Camp Sherman in 2017.

The week’s featured events include WWI re-enactments and mock battles, WWI themed concerts and films, tours of historic Camp Sherman buildings and locations, and more.

Celebrate the 4th of July in style!