Saturday, July 8 – 9:00am – 5:00pm
Gates open at 8:30am with opening ceremony starting at 9am

Living History and Equipment Display

Today Versus Yesterday

Joint Training Center for the Ohio National Guard | Map

Please note: the Camp Sherman Joint Training Center is on Narrows Road east of Bridge Street and U.S. 23.  Due to a bridge repair, access to the Center may not be available via Marietta Pike from Bridge Street.  The alternate route is out East Main Street to the Charleston Pike and then left on the Narrows Road heading north.

How do the World War I soldiers and their equipment from Camp Sherman Days compare to today’s modern soldier?  Here’s your chance to find out.  A part of Camp Sherman still exists on a portion of the land where the original rifle range once stood.  It is now operated as the Joint Training Center for the Ohio National Guard.

During this one day open house, visitors can examine and compare, up close, both World War I and today’s tools of warfare.  World War I re-enactors in period uniforms will demonstrate their weapons and equipment on the same range where Camp Sherman’s soldiers once learned to use their rifles.

In comparison, the National Guard will display a large number of tools and skills at their modern facility on the same historic range.  A weapons simulator room will be open to visitors.  You’ll see how today’s soldier learns to fire modern weapons and gain proficiency without using live ammunition.  Two combat helicopters are expected on site with pilots and crew to explain their role in today’s modern army.

This display event will also include: military vehicles; a full line of weapons systems; a special presentation by the 2nd Special Forces Green Berets; and a supervised rock climbing wall for the kids sponsored by the Army Recruiters.

Also witness a special event: a fly-over of both a World War One aircraft and modern military jet aircraft.

You will also find memorabilia collector exhibits and sales to enjoy.  Please note, weapon sales at this event are prohibited.

Also during this open house, a special unit will be training using Camp Sherman’s structural collapse simulator.  A pile of concrete and material replicates what an explosion might do to an industrial facility. The training scenario will feature personnel responding to a simulated explosion at a local building.  Visitors can observe at a safe distance as this trained unit practices their skills.

Don’t miss taking yourself and the kids to this one.  Seeing yesterday’s and today’s armies compared is something you’ll never forget.  And, you’ll appreciate what our service men and women do for us and the special training they require.

No entrance fee. Food and beverages will be available to purchase on site.

NOTE: If you are a WW-I re-enactor or memorabilia collector/trader and wish to participate in Camp Sherman Days, we welcome you.  Please contact us.  More Information and Re-enactor Registration.


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